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2016 Season

Posted Tue Apr 05, 2016 - 12:11 PM

WTFL WpgTouch Football League has sent all players a message:

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is thinking of summer and FOOTBALL! We (the board) have recently met and want to let you know what is to come for the 2016 season.

The season will begin with a set of pre-season games over the first weekend in June. We hope this will get everyone excited and ready for the regular season to kick off the following week. For teams that are also playing tackle football - we will adjust your regular season schedule to accommodate for that.

The season will consist of 12 games plus the pre-season. There will be the usual fee of $25 for each player (Football Manitoba) and team fees will remain the same as last year. This year we will be having 3 referees at each game.

Registration night will be Wednesday May 18th at Boston Pizza Polo Park at 7 pm. We will be making the schedule after that so please start thinking about any days that your team will not be available to play. We need that information for making the schedule.

More information to come as we get closer to the start of the season.

Any questions please send us an email.

Lets have a great season!

Thanks and go football!



Posted Thu Oct 08, 2015 - 01:19 PM

Driving rain couldn't dampen WTFL player's spirits 'under the lights'. CONGRATS to TIGHT ENDS for holding onto their B side trophy and to WILDCATS for clawing the A side hardware.

Visit "PHOTOS" for pics.

ALL TEAMS - wouldn't have champions without opponents to play! Send your team and action shots from the 2015 season and we'll post them! Please email:

Popping onto the WTFL board can BEEF UP your resume, FLEX your volunteer muscle and get you a parade in the streets (well..not really a parade, but appreciation!)

- should the WTFL offer 'shwag' (water bottles? hoodies? what else?)


- are you a teacher who could help promote the WTFL in schools to assist in our league's growth?


- want to be part of a 'task force' ie. for next year's All-Star game?


- other ideas or simply pitch in with existing operations (equally cool and vital)

WE WANT YOU! Jump onto the WTFL Board - meet ~1/month at Boston Pizza during the season.

Every little bit helps...and just a little of your awesomeness can make a big difference.
Please email NOW: and get 'on board'! ;-)


- From organizing games (with schedule requests)
- securing fields, referees, rainouts
- organizing the All-Star game
- the Stadium!...and the numerous efforts big and small to make the 'W' the place for Women to play touch in Winnipeg. THANK YOU to the volunteer board of the WTFL for delivering yet another successful season.

Wishing everyone a warm winter - see ya in 2016!

WTFL finals October 7, Investors Group Field

Posted Wed Sep 02, 2015 - 11:20 AM

The Winnipeg Touch Football League is celebrating it's 41st season of Touch Football Excellence. The only league in Canada that provides level 3 (minimum) officials to facilitate its games will be using Investors Group Field once again, where the Pros come to play, on Oct 7, 2015 with the B division final with Flash vs. Tight Ends starting at 7:30pm, and the A division final with Victorious Secret vs. Wildcats at 9:00pm.

Bring out all your friends and family and cheer on your favourite players.

Photographer at All-Star Game!

Posted Mon Aug 17, 2015 - 08:01 PM

Tim Reisdorf, photographer and former touch football player, took action shots at the All-Star game Tuesday August 18th at Tec Voc!

You can view the Photos Here:

You can view all of Tim's work at:

All Star Game August 18th!

Posted Sat Aug 08, 2015 - 10:36 AM

Hey Ladies,

At the urging of Women's touch football league originators, the WTFL All-Star game returns August 18 at Tec Voc. A selection Committee met and selected a number of All-Star players!

Following the game a gathering will be held with the WTFL kicking in for Pizza And refreshments.
Tuesday, August 18: Tec Voc @ 6:30 pm.

WTFL -celebrating 30 years! Come one - Come all for some football fun!

Here is a list of your 2014/15 WTFL All-Stars.

White team All-Stars
Offence (white)

Quarterbacks Sonya Panchuk - Victorious Secret,
Center- Wendy Swanston -Flash
Receiver - Melissa Bailey - Victorious Secret
Receiver -Courtney Dyck - GG Dubs
Receiver - Amanda Sousa – Wolfpac
Receiver - Mackenzie Prasek- Full Snatch
Receiver - Alena Jackson - Full Snatch

White team All-Stars

Defence (white)
DB - Karen Gerbrandt - Flash
DB - Mackenzie Prasek - Full Snatch
Rusher - Bev Brown - Wildcats
DB - Ziggy Andu - GG Dubs
DB – Shelley Riddell - Flash
DB- Reanne Cairns - Wolfpac

Midnight Black Team All-Stars
Offence (dark)

QB Adele Kapeluch - Wildcats
Centre - Roxanne Cox, Victorious Secret,
Rec.- Marcella Constantino - Flash
Center - Melissa Harmon - Flash
Rec.- Katrina Dabolins - Victorious Secret
Rec.- Georgina Trump - GG-Dubs
Rec. Mary Lee Lomibao – GG Dubs

Midnight Black Team All-Stars Defence

DB-Melissa Steeves - Flash
DB- Joy Coulter -Wildcats
DB - Cheyanne Boisvert - Wolfpac./Flash
Rusher- Alecia Forbes - Full Snatch,
DB - Kyla Van Dyck - Wolfpac
DB – Patti Phillips - Wildcats
DB - Jesse Shea-Wildcats

Come play, come cheer, come and join a great group of gals at Boston Pizza Polo Park afterwards!

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